la-perle-noireThe Friesian fathom about 1.55 to 1.66 meters at the shoulder and can reach 1.75 m for larger specimens. Its port head always does seem larger than it actually is. It is always uniform black except for crossing (That’s why they call him “the black pearl”).

His head is noble and expressive, not very long, with small ears, their points closer. The neckline, worn high, raising its proud head carriage. His back is short and strong, the long and deep shoulder. The croup is slightly sloping.

It is a powerful horse with baleen and a very long mane hairs features: black and often wavy or curly. No white mark is accepted neither list nor balzane. Sometimes a small white star is tolerated for mares, but never for breeding stallions.

It is appreciated for its looks, especially the trot because it is very graceful, which makes it very popular for hitches. His presence in dressage competition is still marginal. It is a horse called “late”. It is commonly accepted that reaches adulthood to 5-6 years instead of 3 years for most other horse breeds. His character is gold, it lends itself to the orders of his rider, very endearing.