Models & Papers

Considered in 1929 as a horse ” lymph ” Friesian horse is contrary to what one thinks, hot blood. It is very reactive and sensitive. Its forms are very striking : a proud carriage , a stout neck typed , inherited from the Spanish horse is to say curved swan neck , resting on a very broad chest and strong shoulders .

It has front and very powerful hind legs, a round and muscled rump, with enormous mane ( mane , tail, baleen ) . Friesian sport type has fewer hairs . Another feature: it has little lungs prohibiting him high competition in certain disciplines.

There are three models of Friesian horses :

  • The baroque horse : Solid Friesian , very powerful that kept the characteristics of its ancestors. His gaits are very pronounced , it has a long mane . It has become popular again . It occurs when sometimes belongs to very old strains of Friesian bloodlines.
  • The lux or modern horse semi- massive Friesian , which is lightened by its frame , but retains the bold curves and clean race paces.
  • The horse sport: Friesian very light, which has lost almost all mass characteristics of the breed , while generally maintaining its paces.

Papers, books and predicates

There are different papers attributed to the Friesian horse :

  • The green – yellow paper parents to register Stamboek ( Chartered horses for breeding ) ;
  • The brown paper : the father or mother does not belong to register Stamboek (not approved for breeding horses) ;
  • The blue paper : Parents do not belong to register Stamboek.

The horses are divided into different books :

  • Stamboek : Book of breeding stallions , breeding mares, geldings (over 3 years) ;
  • Veulemboek : Book of foals (under 3 years), automatically registered when full paper (yellow-green paper);
  • Bijboek I et II : Book foals or adults who do not have papers but solid blue or brown paper .

Predicates are securities that allow them to be differentiated to their model, sporting looks and skills between mares , stallions, geldings and integers.

Ster: Model and higher speeds.
Model : Model and stunning design.
Preferent : transmission qualities.

  • Juments Stamboek : Ster, Model, Preferent ;
  • Etalons Stamboek : Ster, Preferent ;
  • Hongres Stamboek : Ster ;
  • Entier Veulemboek : Ster.

There are rare individuals predicates, which are awarded based on athletic ability of friesians.


For stallions , mares , geldings and foals. The stallion selection is very strict ; it determines whether or not a whole can become Stamboek standard , that is to say breeding : there are about 800 registered integers each year and between 200 and 300 stallions accepted for inclusion in Leeuwarden in Holland. It appears that five or six.
There is a similar selection in the United States , given the distance and the interesting market that the Netherlands have with them. In 2006, only 76 stallions registered.