Sports disciplines

The Friesian horse is a horse called “late”. It is commonly accepted that reaches adulthood to 5-6 years instead of 3 years for most other horse breeds.

The Friesian is very attentive to the hitch and imposes a certain class. It is the prestige of the discipline. Friesian chair is even assigned. Only the Friesian is authorized to drive it. The latter is rare and numbered. (Chair Friesian: Steejstaard)

The circus is Friesian for a way to find a “utility” in the race; thanks to its docility, its complicity, his love for the game, the attention paid to his trainer. It is here that we discover his skills to high school.

Dressage is a discipline where Friesian is increasingly accepted. There was often rejected because of his model considered too typical.

TREC and hiking are disciplines where there is sometimes Friesian horses, rather light. Despite the fact that he too small lungs, it can, reasonably, run the easiest levels.

It is in endurance, it shows its worst performance since it does not have a high resistance to intense and sustained effort. We must again lead his breath. Jumping was not his favorite discipline, but it still runs some grazing rights and oxers.

The different levels of dressage in the Netherlands

The Netherlands in dressage there are no levels A, B , C, etc. Because the two systems are not really comparable I try to explain and find matches .

Dutch levels of B , L and M simple net is always judged on the quality of basic principles: 3 paces , activity, horse straight , relaxed and in contact .

federal ( KNHS ) Lowest after B is L1, L2, M1 , M2, Z1, Z2, ZZL , ZZZ

  • Class B
    high trot , simple figures, transitions
    [éqv. aux épreuves Club Ponam].
  • Class L-1
    Sitting trot , figures, leg session , simple transitions
    [éqv. aux épr. Club GP/Am3 imp]
  • Class L-2
    Sitting trot , leg session toughest figures back
    [éqv. aux épr. Am 3 prél.]
  • Class M-1
    + shoulder-in , figure in counter canter
    [éqv. aux Am2]
  • Class M-2
    + Pir . pitch , farm to farm , head to the wall, counter canter, turn around hips
    [éqv. aux Am 2]
  • Classe Z-1 single thread or flange
    + Support , a simple change in the gallop, not assembled + pir .
    [éqv. Am 2 GP]
  • Classe Z-2 single thread or flange
    + Support trot zigzag support gallop, change foot gallop
    [éqv. Am 1 – Imp.B]

And then progresses to ” specialized competition ” between Amateur and Pro, or even net flange.

  • Classe ZZ-L
    + 1/4 pir . at a gallop
    [éqv. Am Elite]
  • Classe ZZ-Z
    + 1/2 pir . galloping chang . gallop series 4 and 3 , collected canter
    [éqv. Pro 3 – Pro 2 ]

And :

  • Class Prix St Georges
  • Inter II

Famous Friesians

  • Zingaro, cheval de Bartabas.
  • Eeltje, mascotte de Cheval Magazine.